The first thing many brand marketers do when they’re trying to find the right influencers for their upcoming campaigns is the first thing many of us do when trying to find something. They search. As in Google.

Naturally, the query they often start with “top influencers in” whatever the industry is. And there they find listicles. Blog posts with a list of the top 10 influencers for this or the top 25 influencers for that. 

The inexperienced marketer might even stop there and say, ‘Here are my top 10 targets.” Those that do fail before they ever get started. 

Top Influencer Lists are not only useless, they’re misleading. We need to stop relying on them and even follow the lead of a few software companies out there and think about how we categorize influencers in all new ways.

I explain why in today’s commentary. 

In the show I referred to several influencer top lists. Here’s a list of those mentioned:

I also mentioned several top travel influencers. Those are:

And here’s more on Onalytica’s reclassification of influencer categories.

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