Words matter. Perhaps now more than ever. Why? Largely because the proliferation of information and content has forced all of us into attention deficit disorder consumption. We skim. We thumb scroll. We let our short attention span perceptions shift our understanding of the world around us without stopping to think.

So words matter.

If you see a headline that says “more than half of instagram influencers engaged in fraud” you probably don’t have the time or interest to read the story. You assume the resource posting that is not posting a lie or a misstatement of the truth and you assume the majority of influencers are fraudulent.

That headline was real. It was posted by Campaign U.S., a popular resource for the advertising industry. It was quoted to me last week by a well-respected public relations professional considered a thought leader and expert in his field. 

But the assertion he made based on believing a poorly worded headline is 100 percent false. Words matter.

I’ll explain in today’s commentary. 

As I mentioned in the episode, here’s the look at my Instagram audience analysis via HypeAuditor. Note the 17.7 percent of Suspicious Accounts. Does that mean I’ve committed fraudulent behavior? If you use the words HypeAuditor and Campaign U.S. did, it does.

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