There’s always been an unspoken attitude in the world of social media and now in influence marketing that advertising, or at least its philosophies and priorities, does nothing but muck everything up. Social media, and it’s immediate by-product of influencers and thus influence marketing, was, in essence, a way for consumers to push back against advertising. We were tired of brands just yelling their messages at us all the time and not listening, as well.

Markets are conversations, said the Cluetrain.

So forgive me for the soap box, but that kind of biases a lot of us to think that someone with that advertising background is out of place in the world of influencer marketing. At least so the stereotype would tell you.

But Justin Kline is not a stereotypical anything. He started out managing ads for the Drudge Report, then managing the placement of ads for the sharing app Add This. So he sees the world of advertising form multiple perspectives.

Nowadays, Justin runs Markerly, an influencer marketing agency that takes his experiences in the advertising world to advise and deploy attention-getting campaigns for clients.

Markerly and Justin came to my attention when they ran the Meow Mix Remix campaign for the cat food brand and engaged pet influencers on TikTok and other channels to help re-think how Meow Mix is thought of by consumers.

I asked him to join us to take us through the irony of an ad guy now running a firm on the influencer side of things, what it’s like to work with pet influencers and much more. I love bringing different perspectives to the table for our discussions and this is certainly one of them.

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