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Josh Bernoff on Winfluence

How to Build a Better Business Book

From time to time people find out in conversation that I’m a published author. It’s a monicker and fact that sits in my social media bios and certainly something I say proudly on my website and such, but it’s not something that typically comes up on conversation. When it does, I get asked a lot […]
Aiko Jones on Winfluence

Name, Image, Likeness Perspective from one of the Top NCAA Volleyball Players

Some of you may know I spent the first half of my professional career as a public relations professional in the world of college athletics. Back then we called the job being a sports information director, or SID. The industry evolved to labeling the role something like athletic media relations or athletic communications or similar, […]
Dean Mercado on Winfluence

Cloning the Boss and Other Business Tips from an Agency Owner & Coach

You may have noticed I’ve been mixing in more content here recently focused on content creators. It’s not that you brand and agency folks aren’t the primary focus of the show. You are. But if you’re reading between the lines, the advice that some of our guests have had recently about helping creators build and […]
Kevin Roy on Winfluence

The Risk of Social Media Dependency: SEO and the Influencer Marketing Space

There’s a growing problem in the influencer marketing space with content creators. We’ve talked about it on this show before. But there never seems to be any great push to solve for this particular problem.  The main focus of many an influencer today is creating videos for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. For posting Stories on […]
Jay Acunzo on Winfluence

Creating Remarkable Content & Putting Your Brand Story into Action

We’ve been talking a lot about brand lately on the show. Recent episodes featuring Patrick Hanlon and Rick Ray have centered all of us, brands and creators, agencies and vendors alike … we’ve become centered on telling a brand story. But we can’t leave it at that. We have to put that brand story into […]
Rick Ray on Winfluence

How Your Brand’s Story Informs the Influencers You Choose

We spent some time recently with Patrick Hanlon talking about Primal Branding. Having that deep assessment of who you are as a brand can inform and even drive everything you do. I think we reached the conclusion that spending time to deeply understand and define your brand is important, whether you are a content creator […]
Joe Gagliese on Winfluence

Influencers are the Enterprise

The influencer marketing landscape is big and ever-changing. You have huge agencies that with with big brands for big budgets. You have boutique firms and consultants that mix and match influencer approaches. You have niche players in the agency and software space that focus on micro and nano influencers. And at each of those tiers, […]
Bandolier Media on Winfluence

The Agency that creates influencers … and spicy coffee?

If you follow the conventional wisdom around an influencer’s lifespan, you know they start living their best life, then define a strong content niche and build an engaged audience. Then they do lots of brand collabs and make a fair amount of money. Then they diversify and get into creating their own products, services or […]
Nick Guy on Winfluence

Are Influencers the Key to a Brand’s Purpose-Driven & Cause Marketing?

There’s an argument to be made that influencers are the “IT” channel in marketing. That trusted, third-party recommendation or referral is extremely powerful and often far more effective at communicating big ideas and marketing messages to consumers.  Big brands are eating it up. The influencer marketing industry is growing by billions of dollars per year. […]
Patrick Hanlon on Winfluence

How Primal Branding Can Help Brands of Any Kind, Including Creators

Whether you are a creator or represent a company, agency or other stakeholder in the influencer marketing space, you have a brand. It may or may not be a good one. Or at least one that is well-defined, clearly communicated and the like, but you have a brand.  If you haven’t articulated what that brand […]
Kevin Marcus Miller

The Incredible Journey to Influence of Kevin Marcus Miller

I threw out one of my Winfluence tips a few weeks back. For those who aren’t aware, I’ll record little one-minute tips and ideas from time to time and post them as Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts … sometimes on LinkedIn, too.  The one I’m referring to was inspired by a friend who asked how […]
Monique Russell on Winfluence

Bridging Internal and External Gaps in Communications in Communities of Color

Without question the last 2-3 years have lit a fire under businesses, brands, governments and individuals with regard to how to think of and interact with diversity. In fact, the acronym of the early 2020s has to be D-E-I … Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity.  While that refers to far more than just race, a good […]
Rosa Hart on Winfluence

A Winfluence Special: The Journey to the Refreshing Influence of Rosa Hart

We’re going to do something a little different today. I’ve always been fascinated with the origin stories and journey to content creator or influencers of those that I meet along the way. I’ve met and interviewed dozens who sat out be social media famous and monetize their content. I’ve talked to many who fell into […]
Jason Falls Commentary on Winfluence

The Shift Toward Performance-Based Advertising Is Borderline Criminal

There’s been a shift in the trade winds across the advertising industry in the last few years and the gusts are starting to come into our shores at an alarming rate now. Tighter economies lead to tighter waistlines, at least in the budget metaphor and what was once standard operation procedure goes out with a […]
Pooja ParasuRaman on Winfluence

What Would a TikTok Ban Mean in the U.S.? Let’s ask Our Friends From India!

TikTok may be in trouble in the United States. Our Congress has no fewer than four pieces of legislation in motion right now that in some form or fashion could ban the use of the platform in America. Most constitutional law experts are skeptical such a ban could survive scrutiny of the courts because it’s […]
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