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Jeff Dwoskin on Winfluence

How to Get First-Party Data From Your Community With Their Permission

If you don’t know the importance of acquiring and leveraging first party data in marketing yet, let me give you a quick recap. Consumers generally do not want companies like ours capturing and using their data without their explicit permission. Regulatory guidance like GDPR in Europe, and consumer-focused policy trends like not allowing 3rd party […]
T. Adeola on Winfluence

Using the Creator Economy to Empower Underserved Youth

I want to be painfully honest with you today, gang. What we do in the influence marketing space, or the marketing space overall, often seems to me to be superfluous. Will the world survive if marketing died? Sure it would. Heck, some people would even say it might be a better place.  Sometimes, I’m not […]
Stacey Danheiser on Winfluence

Translating Influence Marketing to the C-Suite

We can talk about influence marketing or even influencers … or for that matter just social media marketing all day and it still doesn’t necessarily mean the C-level folks in your business are going to understand and approve what we want to do. Some of us talk to the C-level. Some of us are at […]
Cooper Lycan on Winfluence

How a Sports Betting Site Flipped Influencer Marketing on its Head

You already know we focus our attention here on influence marketing. That encompasses what many traditionally think of as influencer marketing (with the R) where a brand finds a social media content creator with a large audience to post about their product or service. We expand that conversation to include anyone with influence … social […]
The Fuel Podcast on Winfluence

FEED DROP: Global Creative Wisdom from Paul Grubb via The Fuel Podcast

We’ve got a little holiday feed drop you today. I know many of you may not pick up the podcast player during this yule tide season or even on until the New Year, but if you’re like me you get through the festiveness and overeating and need a little alone time with a good podcast. […]
Ted Murphy on Winfluence

IZEA Reinvents Itself With New Flex Platform

It’s hard to have a conversation about influencer marketing software platforms and companies without talking about IZEA. IZEA Worldwide is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. Annual revenues are thought to be in the $20 million range. As of the end of 2021 its revenue was actually up 96% year over year. Not bad […]
Corina Layton on Winfliuence

The Influencer Secrets of the Most Popular Dental Hygienist in the World

The world of content creators is far more diverse that you think. I’ve personally worked with influential voices who produce furniture, pour concrete, sell steel cages in warehouses … there are creators out there for every niche and business vertical.  Occasionally on Winfluence, we like to bring a content creator on the show to explore […]
Agorapulse adds TikTok management

Agorapulse Adds TikTok to its Content & Community Management Platform

Agorapulse, a leading social media content and community management solution I happen to use and am an ambassador for, announced today it has added TikTok integration! This will surely save thousands of hours of time for social media content managers and community managers moving forward. Kudos to Agorapulse for the integration. As you can see […]
Cassie Petrey on Winfluence

Insights on Influence from Celebrity Social Media Managers

In the context of influencer marketing, there’s a big difference between an influencer and a celebrity. My definition of that difference has always been that an influencer is someone who built an audience on social media by creating content on social media. A celebrity is someone who built an audience on social media because of […]
Jacques Bastien on Winfluence

It’s Time for a Gut-Check on Progress in Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity

We’ve talked frequently on Winfluence about the pay gap in influence marketing, both as it refers to gender and race. We’ve also spent some time with some amazing people discussing the issues of inclusivity, diversity and equity. But I don’t think anyone would say we have done so enough. It’s important for all of us […]
Mike Fiffik on Winfluence

What Creators Need to Know About The Law & Their Business

Content creators and influencers typically receive payment for their work. It’s an exchange of goods and services. The brand pays them, sometimes in cash, other times in product or other valued items. In turn, the creator creates. The influencer recommends, and so on. The nature of that exchange of goods and services means the government […]
Jason Falls joins on Winfluence

My Big News and What it Means for Winfluence

I’ve been doing this for more than 15 years now. No, not podcasting. That’s about the last 4-5 years or so and just two years so far on this particular show. But I’ve been doing this social media, digital marketing, influencer marketing talking head thing for a long time.  The first time anyone really took […]
William Gasner on Winfluence

What is a Micro-Influencer and how do you leverage them?

If there’s one type of influencer or content creator that I am asked to find more than others these days, it’s the performance-based, affiliate-type of micro or nano influencer that can just drive sales. It make sense that most businesses, particularly direct to consumer brands, would rather skip the high cost, awareness influencer types and […]
Rocky Buckley on Winfluence

How Creators Can Level Up Content & Revenue with Online Courses

There are dozens of different types of influencers. The two that often get the most grief are the superficial fashion and beauty, maybe food and lifestyle influencers that I like to call the peace sign, duck lips crowd. The other are the self-promoting talking head types in the B2B space … often fraught with marketing […]
Nancy Harhut on Winfluence

Tapping into Human Behavior to Be a Better Marketer

When you pull back from the narrow focus of influence and influence marketing and look at marketing and advertising overall, the linchpin to being successful in any of this stuff we call a job or career is understanding consumers. The first rule of any type of communications is to know your audience. If you don’t […]
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