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Hype Factory on Winfluence

What Impact Does AI Have on Influencer Marketing?

If you haven’t been smacked in the face with a conversation about AI or artificial intelligence in the last month, and you’re in the marketing space, you’re not getting out much. The algorithms and machine learning robots have gotten awfully good and at an awfully lot of things, including written content, graphic and image generation […]
Zach Walker on Winfluence

The Linchpin of Influencer Marketing: The Agency Strategist

Most of you know I spent the last five years or so at Cornett, a very good advertising agency in Lexington, Kentucky. Being an influencer marketing strategist at an agency is both fun and challenging. When you’re at an agency, you get work with a variety of clients, so you don’t get lulled into the […]
Mark Schaefer on Winfluence

Is Community The Last Great Marketing Strategy?

We’ve got a special episode this week. You may recall a couple of weeks ago, I shared an episode of The Rise – The Community Commerce Marketing Show in which I talked to author and marketing thought-leader Jay Baer about his Time to Win research. This week, I share another episode of The Rise for […]
Rachel Miller on Winfluence

The Present and Future of B2B Influence Marketing

A friend of mine reached out recently and asked me if influencer marketing was possible for B2B businesses. Keep in mind this friend isn’t in the bubble of marketing and doesn’t follow along with the same type of topics you or I do. He also probably didn’t give it much thought before asking. When I […]
Jay Baer on Winfluence

The Number One Indicator of Your Brand’s Success? Responsiveness!

We’ve got a special episode today for a couple of reasons. First, my pal Jay Baer has new research out on the Time to Win. It’s a fascinating study on how responsiveness in all its variations really can be the difference between getting new business and not … and keeping business and not. Jay and […]
Adam Dornbusch on Winfluence

Turning User-Generated Content into Your Brand’s Strength

If you haven’t been thinking about user-generated content and how your brand can leverage it lately, well, you’re late to the party. UGC has become one of those three-letter abbreviations that everyone instantly understands. At least in the marketing world.  Why is that? Well, content from users … the normal, regular social media user who […]
Jason Falls Commentary on Winfluence

Enough About Me … I Need to Know About You

I want to know more about you. Actually, I need to know more about you. The more I know about you, the better I can make this show. The better the show, the happier you are being a listener. Of course, in full transparency, the more I know about you, the audience, collectively, the better […]
Natalie Barbu on Winfluence

Someone Has Made a Content & Business Management Platform for Creators

I’ve been using and reviewing social technology software for almost 20 years now. One of the most frequent categories of software I’m either pitched or someone recommends I try is in the social media management category. These are platforms like HootSuite or Sprout Social where you’re able to plug in all your social media channels, […]
Jason Falls Commentary on Winfluence

How Not to be a Terrible Podcast Guest

I want to talk to you about leveraging podcasts for your marketing. No, this isn’t a pitch to get you to start a podcast, though I can certainly spell out dozens of reasons you should. I’m not here today to wax poetic about Winfluence, the podcast, nor the Marketing Podcast Network which I run. I’m […]
Tiffany Kelly on Winfluence

Shocking Analysis Shows the Most Valuable NIL Athletes Aren’t Who You Think

It’s been more than two years now since the NCAA passed legislation that allowed college athletes at its institutions to accept payment for use of their name, image and likeness. The NIL push as most people know it has created millions of dollars for student-athletes who had long been handcuffed by eligibility rules that prevented […]
Jason Falls Commentary on Winfluence

Everyone is Up-In-Arms About De-Influencing … And Shouldn’t Be

It’s been a while since I’ve offered up a commentary episode and since the main interview episodes of Winfluence are now also in video, I’ve given some thought to bringing back the commentary episodes as an audio-exclusive, if you will.  That, and, I have to be honest … I resisted making the podcast a video-first […]
Noah Eisemann on Winfluence

The Gap in Creative Concepts and Strategy in Influencer Marketing

Before we jump into this episode, a note for the listeners: Winfluence is now available as a video show. If you’d like to see the magic as well as hear it, just pop over to the YouTube channel and subscribe. The easy way to get there is Of course, you can also search for […]
Lux Narayan on Winfluence

How to Make Your Live Streams and Webinars More Engaging

Live streaming is becoming more and more popular for both creators and brands today. The ability to not only deploy video content to engage an audience, but do it live, in real-time, tears down almost all the barriers social networks present to get to and engage an audience.  The social network sites prioritize live video […]
Kyle Peters on Winfluence

Valuing Influencers for Big Brands & Startups

Those of us on the agency or services side of the influence marketing industry covet one thing really: Insights from brand-side marketers, particularly those who are the decision-makers in the business. I would imagine talent managers and some creators also covet that since the brand’s investments in any of us is what makes the industry […]
Zeena Koda on Winfluence

Building Influence in Brand Communities

We all like killing to birds with one stone, right? Metaphorically, of course. I don’t actually kill birds. Neither do you, I hope.  But when you can learn amazing insights from someone who leads influence marketing for a big brand, but that person also happens to be a content creator themselves, well now we can […]
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