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The Nuts and Bolts of A Lead-Generation Marketing Funnel

We’re all in the business of generating leads. Whether it’s getting people to walk into your retail location or filling the top of your B2B funnel with email addresses, every single one of us benefits when we bring new customers to the table for our companies. Far be it from me to wax poetic like […]

The Truth About Facebook Topic Data

Facebook Topic Data has been a hot button issue in the social listening space of late. Yet many brand don’t fully understand what it is or why they should consider asking for it with their listening platform. If that wasn’t bad enough, I spoke to a representative of a known social listening platform last week […]

Why Vanity Metrics Don’t Matter

If you’re still focused on vanity metrics for your brand, you’ve missed the boat. Vanity metrics no longer matter. They’re useless. And I’ll tell you why. Now that many social networks have developed reliable, relevant, paid solutions with never-before-seen targeting capabilities, it’s no longer necessary to focus on quantity of audience for social marketing success. Social […]

The Importance and Challenges of Facebook Topic Data

Facebook announced it was opening anonymized conversations for data analysis in March of 2015 and social listening platforms have since been scrambling to offer the feature. They’re forced to go through Facebook’s partner — DataSift — for access so seeing conversations from the world’s largest social network is typically available for an additional cost. But […]

Reconstruct Your Model To Refresh Your Motivation

Winging it is something I’ve become quite good at. The DNA of being able to just fly by the seat of my pants comes from my younger days in broadcasting. When the mic is on, you have to say something. And in radio, you don’t always have a script to go by. But winging it in […]

The Big Opportunity In Social Technology Nobody Is Taking

There is a huge opportunity in social technology that nobody is jumping on. I’ve lamented it before and will continue to do so. The honest truth is that whether you’re talking about social media management solutions, social listening or social analytics, no one is focused on helping small businesses. Only in the email marketing category […]

How Are Brands Using Social Listening?

Thursday night in Chicago, I will emcee and host a panel discussion on social analytics and listening for NetBase featuring an impressive group of digital marketing minds. Rick Wion of the Kellogg Company (and once social lead for McDonalds), Jamie Kennedy of Burson-Marstellar, Scott Reitzel from Purple Strategies and Lewis Bertolucci of Humana will join me […]

Is Paid Social Content The Downfall of Brands?

A Fortune 500 social media director and I were chatting last week and she said something quite profound. We were talking about her brand’s approach to organic vs. paid social content when she nonchalantly had a mic-drop moment. She said: “We’ve stopped doing organic posts. Everything now is paid.” To the social media purist, a […]

How Social Listening Can Inform Your Creative Brief

The case studies around social listening always fascinate me. Even the tried-and-true customer service saves that make everyone feel warm and fuzzy about social media. But when a company goes beyond the reactive (what I call “monitoring”) use of social listening platforms and applies the technology to inform other business functions, I get excited. 7-11 […]

The Biggest Problem With Your Social Is Personality

At a B2B panel discussion yesterday at the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (#MDMC) our venerable moderator, Steve Bauer of FleishmanHillard asked what the biggest problem was facing social marketing in the B2B space. My fellow panelists — Marisa Lather (a St. Louis-based consultant),  Jeff Leonard from Wells Fargo and Nick Weber from Monsanto — answered first […]

Why Google Must Now Fear Facebook

I’ll admit I’m not a technician. What I mean by that is I don’t know how to write code. I’m an observer and user of technology. I can imagine new and exciting things for technology to do. But I cannot, myself, build technology. So when Facebook has its big F8 developer’s conference each year, there’s […]

The Irony of Today’s Influencer Marketing Landscape

In a 2008 panel discussion about influencer marketing and public relations I was asked how I would respond if a blogger asked me to pay them to use the story I was pitching for my client. My response then was I would tell them to go to hell. Certainly, that was a melodramatic way to underline a point […]

The Hard Truth Content Marketers Must Face

There’s a hard truth content marketers are facing in the industry today. For all our poking and prodding, evangelizing and convincing about the benefits to brands and businesses of social … For all our promises about how content marketing drives engagement, attracts new customers, builds trust and the like … we have to come to terms with […]

We Must Redefine Mobile to Succeed with Mobile Marketing

What do you think of when I say “mobile?” What about “mobile marketing?” That’s the problem. We think of mobile as a device. Whether an iPhone or an Android or even some sort of tablet, these things come to mind and we’ve conditioned ourselves to think of mobile as a type of object. But to […]

How social marketing has changed … and hasn’t

Yesterday’s call to action to tell me what you wanted me to share yielded some impressive topics for me to ponder. I guess that goes to show you that if you ever go to the blog topic well and find it dry, all you have to do is ask. I’ve got a dozen or so […]
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