Does your brand or agency have a content performance culture? It needs one. Christoph Trappe‘s latest book, Content Performance Culture, outlines how to build a culture where content marketing is made, distributed and optimized. He joined me on the podcast this week to talk about how brands and agencies can build that culture for content success.

I also spent some time talking about the content performance culture and other marketing focal points in the COVID-19 era. What are you doing to change or prepare for the near and distant future? Those are questions we should be contemplating now.

And I have a little update on the book I’m writing for those interested. So, go ahead, give it a listen. If you enjoy it, share it with someone else who might like it.

Christoph Trappe can be found on LinkedIn or Twitter. His website and blog where he shares his content marketing expertise is at And you can find his book on Amazon in print or the Kindle version as well.

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