Should agencies, consultants and other B2B service offerings worry about ratings and reviews? Certainly they should. One place that can help — and which competes with them for search results — is UpCity. Heidi Sullivan is its senior vice-president for product and marketing. She joined the podcast to talk about the benefits of UpCity’s marketplace, products and the need for protecting your digital reputation.

We also talked about how we came to know each other — me calling out her old company for sketchy PR practices — and how she is to blame for my public speaking career. Plus I shared some fun projects we’re working on at Cornett during this COVID-19 weirdness.

Dial it up and share it with your agency friends who should know about UpCity!


And here are some other links we mentioned in the show:

  • Cision – Heidi’s former company where we first connected and a PR database Cornett uses to this day
  • Celebrizoom – A fun fake Zoom call with celebrities app my crazy colleagues at Cornett put together.
  • Glassdoor – The HR-oriented ratings and review site that may rank well in search for your business based on former (and current) employee reviews
  • VisitLex on Facebook – The Cornett client providing daily content to promote local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Heidi can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter. UpCity is at

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