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Mine Data from Your Instagram Followers

How to Mine Data from Your Instagram Followers

The biggest challenge most brands have with their social media followers is getting them to move into, then down the marketing funnel for their business. You have to find a way to get your followers to click through to your website or other place you control so you can ask them for more information about […]
Spencer Carpenter on Winfluence

How to Leverage Podcasts as a Guest or Host

Did you know that 41 percent of Americans 12 and older have listened to a podcast in the last month? Twenty-six percent have listened in the last week. That’s 74 million people.  And of the people who listen each week, they average hearing eight podcasts.  All that information is from The Infinite Dial. It is […]
Josh Nielsen on Winfluence

What Zencastr Has Done to Better Serve Podcasters

For those of you out there who are content creators, whether you call yourself an influencer or not, you know I am a loud champion of owned channels. I harp on the fact that you can’t rely on the social networks … borrowed channels … for your content or audience forever. You need to have […]
Bill Hildebolt on Winfluence

Exploring the Math & Science of Influencer Marketing

You’re starting to hear a theme emerge in a lot of influencer marketing industry predictions and trends talk, it’s been there but seems to be getting louder. The word or phrase I’m referring to is “data-driven.” Most of your influencer marketing platforms have that verbiage in their marketing literature because marketing decision makers like you […]
Kipp Bodnar on Winfluence

A Deep Dive into Instagram with HubSpot’s Kipp Bodnar

If you read the tea leaves of the conversations people are having about social media channels these days, you’d probably think TikTok was dominant, Instagram was struggling, YouTube was relevant and everything else was dead. But the way the conversations go and reality aren’t always aligned.  HubSpot published two reports over the last couple of […]
Tinashe Chaponda on Winfluence

What Happens When a Successful Creator Builds an Influencer Agency

Influencer marketing software is a hell of a lot of confusing. There are platforms that do everything … help you find, prioritize, analyze, select, book, contract, collaborate, review, measure and even pay creators. Then there are softwares that do just one of those things. And some that do 2-3 of those tasks. Then there are […]
Lena Katz on Winfluence

Solving the Creative Gap in Snack-able, Vertical Video for Agencies

The world of social media and content is changing … again. It does that every so often. Unfortunately. more often than we probably care for it do so. Where Instagram, then Instagram Stories were the content du jour for influencers and, thus brands, a year or so ago, now our focus is on snack-able, vertical […]
Michiel Perry on Winfluence

The Content Creator-to-Media-Empire Path of Black Southern Belle

The world of content creators is deep and wide. There exists literally at least one creator for almost every interest or niche out there. Part of what I love about being an influence marketing strategist is discovering new, interesting, creative people who connect with audiences in fun ways. If they make sense to work with […]
Lara Schmoisman on Winfluence

Exploring the Nuances of Global and Luxury Marketing with Influencers

The primary reason I like to interview people about this wild, wonderful world we work in is that I know I don’t know everything. Even though we talk about a lot of the topics that I consider myself fairly well schooled or experienced with, someone else always brings a different perspective to the table. It’s […]
Five influencer tells

The Five Tells That Mean You Should Pass on Hiring an Influencer

Does the name Sam Farha mean anything to you? If it does, you’re probably a fan of poker. Farha is a rather famous professional poker player. He is most know, however, for a hand he lost. In 2003 Farha was on the verge of elimination from the World Series of Poker Texas Hold ‘Em Main […]
Christopher Hines on Winfluence

Leveraging Podcasts to Enhance Your Brand of Influence

Winfluence is not a podcast about podcasts. There are plenty of those out there. I listen to 2-3 to keep myself informed about the tips and tricks, ideas and innovations in the space. There are far more qualified people out there sharing that type of content specific to genre. Podcasts, however, are content creations of […]
Finding More Right Influencers

Choosing the More Right Influencers – A Case Study

One of the many things I do to stay on top of what’s happening in the influencer marketing industry is testing software platforms, micro-influencer communities, and other tools and services related to our space. Not only do I like to know what’s out there for my clients, I enjoy bringing some of that insight to […]
Gary Arndt on Winfluence

How Gary Arndt Engineered a Meteoric Rise to Podcasting Dominance

This is episode 178 of Winfluence. I don’t typically count or even add the episode number to the shows because I’ve always thought episode numbers were more of an internal cataloging system for the podcaster and listeners don’t care.  I keep track, but it’s easier to just search for the guest or topic on my […]
Frustrated man thanks to influencer proposals without strategy

Why Even Managed Services Need an Influencer Marketing Consultant

Would you believe that even the big, fancy influencer marketing managed services companies need an influencer marketing consultant? Sadly, it’s true. I say this as someone who has hired and managed campaigns with managed services companies over the years. I’ve also hired and contracted execution with companies calling themselves influencer marketing agencies. While some do […]
Influencer Marketing Wish List

The 2022 Influencer Marketing Industry Holiday Wish List

August is not the time to be thinking of the holidays. Unless you want to ask for gifts that take some savings to afford. Or in the case of the influencer marketing industry, that might take some time for agile development sprints. When you’re an influencer marketing strategist and practitioner, not to mention an influencer/creator, […]
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